Restoration map
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Cleaning the fuselage interiors (october - november 2006)

Cleaning the main wheel (november 2006)

Restoring the warm air controls (november 2006)

Restoring the power controls (december 2006)

Cleaning the rudder pedals (november 2006)

Cleaning and restoring instrument panel and control panel (december 2006)

Cleaning and restoring instruments (december 2006)

Unvarnishing the fuselage and the wings (february 2007)

Polishing the aluminium (april 2007)

Priming the wing interiors (july 2007)

Repairing the wing tips (2008)

Repairing the canopy (2008)

Gipsy Queen 30 engine arrival (2009)

Actual progress of the restoration work


Actual state of the work.. The wing and the fuselage are polished and the wing is primered




This is the Fiat G46 we're actually restoring and our workshop. it's not so big, but it gave birth to the Falco I-ALDI , so.. it will be surelu a good place to build also the G46.

A good advantage in working with the "gigetto" is that the fuselage and the wing are separated, so that there is enough space around the two parts. We have also the possibility to move them both and to rotate the fuselage around its longitudinal axis. This jig is really very useful.