And now the surprise.. We decided to have the aircraft polished. Why? Because of the beauty of it. Polished Aluminium is shining and impresses for its luminosity and purity. And many beautiful aircraft ,like the Mustang, are polished. There wasn't any polished G46, and maybe this is not an historically correct decision, but I think that in this way you can also emphasize the lines and the character of the Fiat G46.





Also the fusealge is polished. It's difficult however to see the real result throught an indoor picture . It looks really marvellous. We tried many systems and we decided to use Nuvite that we bought from Mr Tom Numelin at . Tom is really a kind and competent person that helps you to find the best way to solve your problems. Thanks to his help and product we're very happy of the result. But we tried also another system later that we discovered to work really well. Polishing is an hard and long task, and you've to try many times before finding the right way to work.




Then, after having polished nearly everything, we decided to clean and prime all the interiors. But of course you need to protect all the polished aluminium.



The aileron bellcrank (after some hours of cleaning) before...



...and after