When speaking about the Rondone there's no possibility not to mention the marvellous I-ADRE.This airplane was in very poor conditions before Francesco and Marco Fanfani bought it.Francesco is a professor of orthopaedic surgery in the University of Rome and Marco is a notary in Sansepolcro.So their free time is really limited, but they worked hard together to bring the Adre in exceptional shape.
They are both good friends of us and I had the privilege to follow their work and they choose to restore it in the original state, having also the experience of I-SUSY, their other Rondone.So now they are the only ones to own two Rondone.

How ADRE was in the fifties....

....And How is now after the Restoration.
Francesco Fanfani on his marvellous I-ADRE



Francesco is ready to fly


A rear view of this silver Rondone

Another side view


They haven't restored only I-ADRE, but also I-SUSY.This rondone is a different version, since it has a different tail, canopy and it's three place. you can compare the shape of i SUSY



In this picture it's possible to see three Rondone, I-JOHN of Rosati and I-SUSY and I-ADRE.