A picture of the MM 52792 when it was in aervice with Italian Air force.
The Aircraft was a Series one so it is powered by the Alfa 115 bis and it has no electrical system. But no electrical system means no radio. And this is maybe why the aircraft was not used intensively and not yelded to aero club. In fact the aircraft is in very good condition.

Our aircraft was built by Fiat in Torino on 30 july1949 with Matricola Militare: 52792 and Construction number 25.

Serivice History :

09/09/1949-01/08/1950 based in Airport of Guidonia - Rome - Centro Addestramento al Volo (Flying training center) della 3°Z.A.T.

26/08/1950-20/10/1950 based in Airport of Capodichino-Napoli- Centro Addestramento al Volo Accademia Aeronautica (Trainer at the Air Academy)

21/10/1950-28/08/1952 based on Casale- Brindisi Airport- 2° Gruppo Scuola Volo Secondo Periodo 

29/08/1952-02/08/1959 based on "Gino Allegri" Padova Airport- 301° Gruppo Centro Addestramento al Volo dell 2° Z.A.T. aeroporto



Then in August of 1959 it was lent to "Arturo Malignani" Technical Institute of Udine. This school has a really nice hangar, full of aircraft of italian air force.

The G46 was transported there on 04/08/1959 and it remained there till 28/08/2001, when our friend Stefano Gambaro bought it in an auction. The teachers kept the engine working and they used to fire the engine sometimes..

This picture was taken by Stefano when he first saw the aircraft.



Another picture of the Malignani Hangar. On the right a Fiat G91, a Bell 47 in the front and the orange tail of a Macchi mb 326