The Fiat G46 used different engines: the first series (as our one) used the 205 hp (195 hp continuous) Alfa 115 bis; the second series the more poweful and modern 250 hp De havilland Gipsy Queen 30, and the other series the 225 (215 continuous) Alfa Romeo 115 ter , that was basically a Gipsy Queen III built under licence in Italy.

The Alfa 115 ter is a 9 liters (9,186 cc.) six cylinder air cooled engine and weights 244 kg. We have an Alfa 115 bis engine, that came with the aircraft, but we'd like to install the Gipsy Queen 30, as it is more modern and more powerful too.

Here are some pictures scanned from the Engine manual of the Alfa Romeo 115 ter

alfa115ter1.jpg (116kb) alfa115ter2-g46.jpg (111kb) alfa_115_ter_3-g46.jpg (90kb) alfa_115_ter_4-g46.jpg (97kb)
alfa_115_ter_5-g46.jpg (136kb) alfa_115_ter_41-g46.jpg (115kb) alfa_115_ter_6-g46.jpg (104kb) alfa_115_ter_7-g46.jpg (120kb)
alfa_115_ter_8-g46.jpg (123kb)