The G46 was designed by Ing. Giuseppe Gabrielli in 1946 and it was the first metallic trainer used by Italian Air force and the first aircraft produced by Fiat after the second world war.
Ing. Gabrielli designed many aircraft during the war including the fighters Fiat G50 and Fiat G55.
The G46 was powered by an Alfa Engine, The air cooled six cylinders Alfa 115, that was a De Havilland Gipsy queen II built under license by Alfa Romeo.
The first prototype (MM 52000),equipped with a 115 bis version (205 max hp- 195 hp continuous) flew on the 25 june 1947.Several versions were produced, differing by engine improvements and small changes.
These pictures were taken from the part catalog of the third series.

Another view.


As it can be seen from this picture, the wing and landing gear is similar to the other Gabrielli fighters as the Fiat G55 and G59.


An interesting picture of one of the first G46 produced. On the tail og the first aircrat can be read N.C.( Numero di Costruzione-Serial number) 10. The first series used the 115 bis and had no electical system and radio.