The second series of G46 was studied for Argentina Air force. Argentina bought 70 G46, but these were equipped with a more reliable and powerful De Havilland Gipsy queen 30 Mk2 engine, capable of 250hp. The cowling was modified for a ner airscoop and also the prop was different. The Series II G46s gave beeter performances than any other G46. Also skies were tested on the prototype, with the help of a swiss company.


A G46 series II in Moron ( Argentina Air Force museum).
(this picture was shot by our friend Federico Capaldo- www.ottocubano.it - his very nice website is worth a visit!)

The G46 for Argentina were produced between 1948 and 1951.


The Fiat G46 was produced also in a single-seat version: G46-3A and G46 4-A. The single seater had a camera and a S.A.F.A.T 7,7 mm machine gun.


A G46 fourth series flying over Italy. The fourth series differed only for instrumentation (gyro instruments also for the instructor) and a Rotax retractable landing light in the wing.