The falco is now assembled and ready for a very important operation, the weight and balance.

So We asked Air Lazio to make the weight using their scales and all the guys that work there were very kind. So the Falco is on the scales now.




In italy this operation is done by the ENAC (italian aviation authority) engineer, who supervise all the construction of the homebuilt, and in this occasion he checks also all the airplane.

Ing. Andrea Costantini from Enac is checking the scale. He carefully supervised all the construction of I-ALDI since the very beginning always asking us informations regarding the important operations of the construction and meanwhile he gave us useful technical suggestions. His support has been very important for us. We'd like to thank ENAC for this.

I-ALDI weights 602 kg, and the C of G is right on the 18% . We're happy then.






Alessandro Inches, an A&P mechanic of Air Lazio, is checking the scale too.



In the hangar.