After having glued the leading edge you need to sand it so that it takes the right curve.We found useful to use this old planer to smooth the angles.







After the first rough work we used a long straight ruler to sand the leading edge to the right bend.With such a long ruler you are sure that the leading edge is uniform since the fuselage to the wing tip.






How to see when the rib has the right shape?We made a copy of the rib's drawing (and checked for right measures)and glued it on plywood.The result is an useful instrument to check how much wood you've to sand(or add).





This is the finished rib.The one in the picture is the n° 14 rib.As you see there is a modification over the original profile.Ing. Frati gave us drawings he made to improve stall and aerobatic behaviour of the falco.We needed to add some spruce to the last 4 ribs in each wing.