What about controlling that everything is leveled??Here's comes Enzo Marrucci the "other father" of I-ALDI (our falco).If We're building a falco is because of him..and it's a long story!

Enzo is a "name" in the pilot field of italy.He took part to several air rally world championship and made many "Giro d'Italia " with the Falco.It's difficult to describe how kind Enzo is;but it's enought to say that he was the one that suggested us to build a Falco and sold us all the jigs of the factory.

One day in the Rieti Airport we were talking about the decision of building an airplane."Do you want to build an airplane?"."I give you the airplane to build...Is the Falco".I have all the jigs of the Laverda factory ".
He said while smiling with a happy face.Our anwser was "how much?" and after 3 minutes we bought all.It has really been funny, buying something so important without seeing it.But Enzo is Enzo..and you can only trust blindly in him if you know him well...
And that evening we went home happily with a new project to start..

Enzo is owner of an important factory that produces Air conditioning systems for big buildings as well as airports, hospital.
He has built several airplanes and he owned two falcos and now a wonderful Rondone,I-ALBJ.I-alby was the first Rondone designed by Ing. Stelio Frati for Eugenio Guagnellini and it won the "giro di sicilia".It's the fastest Rondone around and he restored it completely with original paint scheme and details.






The check with the laser level gives good results!!And we're very happy.We cheched the fuselage plane in comparison to the wings ones.The little red laser circle is on the numbers.




Checking the alignement of frame n°8.Since we already have the tail, it's really important to have the frame 8 properly aligned and leveled.The falco's tail is separated from the rest of the airplane and it's joined to frame n°8 with bolts.





For the first time we see the Falco!The tail is painted with primer and we're checking the shape of the joining frames.Marco and Davide,my two sons are looking pleased the airplane!





Marco is quite happy!As you can see we don't have enought room to host the tail;so it's going to stand out of the house, in the garden; we have to wait good weather to join the airplane...but it gives also strange impressions to the neighbours, that now don't know what to think about what we're building here....