Enzo Marrucci has restored the first Rondone ever built: I-ALBJ;I-ALBJ has a great hisory since it was designed by Ing Guagnellini and Frati to win the Giro di Sicilia race.

Guagnellini liked to partecipate and to win air races.During the "Giro delle Dolomiti" in 1950 Ing. Guagnellini had an accident with his MB 308;he was seriously injured reporting 83 fractures.During the time he spent in hospital he decided to design an airplane with Ing. Frati; it had to be light, fast, manouvrable and it had to win:this was going to be I-ALBJ.


Enzo Marrucci with his son Paolo on the marvellous ALBJ

The problems for Ing. Guagnellini were many, since he was so badly injured that he couldn't move his head to see the paper on which he was drawing he needed to use a mirror over his head and get used to it.

The GF 4 Rondone (Guagnellini Frati 4) was built in the University of Engineering of Milano.In the fifties in italy a great bicycle racer, Fausto Coppi used to have a white green Bianchi bike, and Guagnellini decided to paint I-ALBJ in the same colour.


How many races has I-ALBJ won with Iginio Guagnellini at the controls?
- 3 Giri d'Italia
- 3 Giri di Sicilia
- 3 Gran Premi Città di Milano
- 3 Gran Premi Lombardia

But I-ALBJ also made 2 world speed records in 1953 and in 1954,in a distance of 100Km and 1000km with a speed of 275 km\h with 90 HP.The Records were beaten only after 16 years.The ALBJ was saved by Enzo Marrucci and he restored it in 1996, respecting all the originality of this historical airplane.And it's a marvellous aiplane to see on the ground and a very fast horse in the air...

Dino Marrucci, the brother of Enzo is ready to start the engine of the Rondone