Gipsy Queen 30 Engine at home!
april,3, 2010

Finally we have the engine at home! It's a o\h Gipsy queen 30 coming from Australia.

Some galleries
october ,23, 2009

some galleries.

Gallery Section
january, 20, 2007

It's time to put the many pictures of the G46 all the friends sent us in a new section.. We have many friends that flew with the G46, and they are all still in love with this very nice aircraft. Many of them flew also the Falco, and it's really funny to discover how often these aircraft are compared. These friends find the pictures, scan them and send to me. Very nice Friends!

Many pictures inside and it's worth a visit, also for the pictures of Pino Valenti and his marvellous G46. He flies it often and he does a lot of aerobatics, since Pino is a great air show performer on his Gigetto.


New Website!
january, 20, 2007

A new website layout.. After one year i decided to switch to a new style. I wanted to update to Web 2.0, also to allow easier and faster updating. Hope you like it !

Meanwhile we're working on the G46 and studying the systems of the aircraft. Electrical, Hydraulic, and brake system. I'm drawing the system on CAD and looking for a more modern standard for the Hydraulic system