In this "crazy project we have some very expecial friends that are helping us in coming to (hopefully) an end..actually there are some that made all this starting; one of these (it'all his fault.) is Enzo Marrucci.

Enzo is a "name" in the pilot field of italy.He took part to several air rally world championship and made many "Giro d'Italia " with the Falco.It's difficult to describe how kind Enzo is;but it's enought to say that he was the one that suggested us to build a Falco and sold us all the jigs of the factory.

One day in the Rieti Airport we were talking about the decision of building an airplane."Do you want to build an airplane?"."I give you the airplane to build...Is the Falco".I have all the jigs of the Laverda factory and a completed tail section".He said while smiling with a happy face.Our anwser was "how much?" and after 5 minutes we bought all.It has really been funny, buying something so important without seeing it.But Enzo is Enzo..and you can only trust blindly in him if you know him well...And that evening we went home happily with a new project to start..

Enzo is owner of an important factory that produces Air conditioning systems for big buildings as well as airports, hospital.
He has built several airplanes and he owned two falcos and now a wonderful Rondone,I-ALBJ.I alby was the first Rondone made for Eugenio Guagnellini and won the "giro di sicilia".Is the fastest Rondone around and he restored it completely with original paint scheme and details.

more about Enzo and his I-ALBJ

A big help in our working team is given also by Franco Vecchi and Tim Cooper.Vecchi is a former Bank director that has a big passion for wood construction, important for this long-therm projects.He comes to work almost every evening, giving us also a big impulse to work hard.In this picture he's with his nice nephew.Thanks a lot Franco!

Tim Cooper helped us in a very important stage of our work :the spar and fuselage frames building.He 's a consultant and worked on the Falco while he was in Rieti for work.He's a pilot too, and is planning to build an airplane soon...Maybe a Falco?..The sure thing is that we miss him a lot! Come back!

What about Flying Engineers?I have also a beautiful fiberglass glider with Enrico Bagnoli.We had gliders together since the first 80's, and he's a very friend of mine.Manager of a society working in the telecomunication field he's working in the electrical system of the Falco.More here


For the antennas we had a big help from Lino Lana.Lino works in the antenna field since several years, and he's working now in the Italian airspace program.He's a glider pilot and happy owner of a nice Glaser Dirks DG-101 ELAN.( I-LYNO). We bought Sequoia's kit of antennas and we found it really well made.However we asked Lino for help on antenna's installation and he made the NAV and COM antennas for us really really easily..more here

Luigi Petrucci is our "quality inspector" and has an incredible experience on wooden airplanes and gliders since he has worked in the sixties on many italian glider designs.In that years gliders were made of wood and he has built several of them.more here

Adriano Ferrari, who built several airplanes,is checking the alignement of the frames.. Adriano is a very good friend and he's following us and giving good and important suggestion as the work goes on..His experience is really important.