Having friends is really important for everyone's life and also I-ALDI has a lot of friends;friends who work , visit or write emails to ask, ore even have similar airplanes that already fly or are in construction.

So we tought about making a friends section;It's growing and i have also many other pictures to publish online and other friends to mention.


A lot of friends are helping us, and their effort is really very important for our project..

The first person to mntion is Ing. Andrea Costantini, ENAC (italian Aviation Autority) engineer who supervised the contruction form the beginning.

Enzo Marrucci Enrico Bagnoli Giampiero Biagioni
Franco Vecchi Lino Lana Francesco Ricciarelli
Tim Cooper Luigi Petrucci Antonio De Padova
Guglielmo Scianna Aldo Modi  


Enzo and Dino Marrucci and Rondone I-ALBJ


Francesco and Marco Fanfani and their Rondones I-ADRE and I-SUSY


Aldo Modi and his Bucker


Mauro Balli and his Falco I-ELZA


Adriano Ferrari with many Falcos and a FIAT G46


Giorgio Fogliani with I-TINI


Sandro Rosati and I-CIRE


Andrea Fabi and his two falcos: I-VINC and I-ANER


Oliver Barth and his Falco G-OCDS


Alessandro di Francesco and his Cessna 182




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Enzo Gasperoni,Antonio Arlotti and Piergiorgio Turci
Friends From Rimini
Giulio Guazzini

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Francesco Ricciarelli
Max Riner and friend from Switzerland
Simona Martellucci and Susana Ferreiro from Portugal

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